Scolecite Properties

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Scolecite is colourless to white.

Scolecite can be used to open the network of information patterns to facilitate communication with other worlds, primarily the spiritual world, however, information has been obtained from ancient civilizations.

It is said that Scolecite is currently being utilized as a stone for extra-terrestrial communication.

Scolecite assists in the access to the basis of a problem, serving to support the transformation of the heart to love.

Scolecite enables one to exhibit control of ones life, and has been used in the treatment of intestinal disorders, spinal dis-alignment, and disorders related to the eyes, the cortex, and the lungs.

Scolecite can be used to dissipate blood clots, to stimulate the clearing of arterial walls, and to enhance circulation, and is useful in the treatment of bruises and wounds.

Astrological Sign:  Capricorn 
Vibrates to No:  1
Chakra:  Heart & Crown


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