Silver Topaz Properties


Silver Topaz

A very pale silver to clear coloured crystal

Silver Topaz, sometimes called Sheet Topaz, occurs in a horizontal flat formation in the colour ranging from clear to white to very pale blue and very pale green.

Silver Topaz combines the properties of topaz .  It promotes the access of information from the astral plane and the akashic records, and allows one to see within the inner self.

Silver Topaz,  has been used for “gazing” and for sending and receiving messages.  It can stimulate the heart chakra, the throat chakra, the third eye, and the crown chakra.

In crystal healing Silver Topaz has been used in the treatment of pain, in the areas of the heart, throat, and the back of the head, and to relieve headaches.

Silver topaz is the most powerful of all crown chakra stones, bringing the bearer deep clarity of purpose and connection to Source

♥Astrological Sign:  Leo♥
♥Vibrates to No:  9♥
Chakra:  Crown


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