Golden Merlinite Properties


Merlinite is a form of dendritic opal. Golden Merlinite Properties A magical and powerful stone it enhances gentleness and encourages one to walk lightly through the gardens of life.

Merlinite is used to assist one in connecting to the natural states of the universe and to enhance communication between your intellectual world and the plant kingdom.

Merlinite is a stone to help in healing the Earth, stabilizing the centre and energy vortices and stimulating a peacefulness within the structure of the inner environment.

Merlinite opens and activates the chakras, maintaining the opening to accept and integrate the energy of the higher consciousness.  Merlinite is a stone of plenitude, providing abundance and fullness in your life.  It was used in ancient Greece to produce plentiful crops, and is conducive to generous yields in both business and agricultural pursuits.

Merlinite can be used to treat disorders of the skeletal system and to provide alignment of the none structure supporting your physical reality.  Merlinite can also be used in the treatment of the nervous system and to help with the veins and capillaries, and can help alleviate pain.

Merlinite can be used in meditation and enhances mental travel to other parts of the world, and can be used to facilitate trance states which take the user to the pre determined destination (hence the connection to the magical and wizard stone). Merlinite has been used for gazing.

Merlinite can be used in the treatment of pneumonia, to clear the mucus from the lungs and to help with chronic inflammatory conditions of the skin, and also help with the regulation of the proper flow of insulin to the blood stream. (Astrological Sign:  Gemini & Sagitarrius)


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