Mookaite Properties

tumblestone mookite drilled


Mookaite has very soothing qualities when it comes to healing, and is only found in Mookaite Creek in Australia, and adapts the colours of the environment, desert sands of red, brown, beige, tan, chocolate browns, creams.

Mookaite increases awareness of the life giving flow of Earth energy ~ encourages harmonious activity  ~ stabilizes the lower chakras and stimulates the immune system ~ creates a sense of safety to explore and experience the unknown ~ keeps ideas within the bounds of practical possibilities ~ allows intense spiritual experiences to be integrated into everyday life ~ helps us to achieve our goals in a relaxed and practical way

♥Place at the solar plexus chakra for a sense of relaxed confidence

♥Place at the hips for a feeling of natural balance and grace

♥Place at the brow chakra to improve your understanding of the natural world

Chakra:  Root (Base), Sacral & Solar Plexus


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