Chiastolite Properties


Chiastolite is a variety of andalusite, which occurs in the form of stout crystals producing a coloured cross.

Chiastolite can be used for problem solving and to provide insight to answers to mysterious occurrences.  It is helpful to the maintenance of spirituality during illness.

Chiastolite can be used to lessen fevers, to balance the flow of blood, and to repair chromosome damage.

Astrological Sign: Libra

Vibrates to No: 3 & 4Digital Camera


Black Tourmaline Properties

tumblestone black tourmaline 40mm

Black Tourmaline

Tourmaline is a protective stone that is said to shield against ill-wishing and negative energies. In addition it is believed to protect against electromagnetic smog and radiation from mobile phones.

Tourmaline can be used as a natural insecticide. When buried in the ground or earth around a plant it is believed to deter pests and encourage healthy growth.

Tourmaline is said to encourage a positive attitude to life, whatever the circumstances, dispelling negative thoughts and encouraging clear rational thought processes.

In healing Tourmaline is said to strengthen the immune system and to reduce the pain of arthritis and muscle strain. Keeping a piece of tourmaline near a painful knotted muscle is believed to help relieve the pain.

Astrological Sign: Capricorn
Vibrates to No: 3 & 4
Chakra: Base

Andalusite Properties

tumbledstone andalusite


Andalusite usually occurs in the colours of white, red, violet, grey, pink, red/brown or green.

It encourages one to look at issues rationally by helping one to see the various sides to a problem or situation.

Andalusite is a stimulant to memory and recollection.

Andalusite promotes the chivalrous aspects of ones character and encourages moderation in all things.  It helps one to recover when “thrown” out of balance by circumstances or individuals, facilitating to the balancing of the self.

Andalusite can be used in the treatment of disorders related to deficient oxygenation and cellular disorders of the hands and eyes.

Astrological Sign:  Virgo – Vibrates to No. 7

Rhodochrosite Properties

thumbstone rhodochrosite


Rhodochrosite: colour range from pale pink to deep red, yellow, tan, orange and brown. Those crystals in the rose colour range are highly collectable.

This stone has been called a “stone of love and balance”, providing balancing and love on all levels for all bodies. It contains a pulsating electrical energy which emits the strongest power in the universe, the power of love.

The energy of rhodochrosite is encompassed by the presence of heavenly energies filled with the golden sphere of light. 

Rhodochrosite is also an Earth stone for healing of the Earth and for showing love to the Mother of us all. It helps one to serve the planet in her time of need, allowing for one to recognize that the responsibility is actually a joy.

It can be used in the treatment of various kinds of elimination problems, to strengthen the walls of the intestines, and to help digestion. It has been used to balance the energies of the heart and to stabilize the heart and pulse rate. 

Astrological Sign: Scorpio & Leo  

Vibrates to No. 4

Hematite Properties

50mm carved hematite buddha


Hematite has an attractive silver sheen and is effective as a grounding stone. It can inspire you while keeping your feet firmly on the ground. It is believed to help reduce the discomfort of leg cramps and fractures, cleanse the blood and aid blood-related problems such as anaemia

Hematite facilitates balancing of the yin yang energies, utilizing, in addition, the magnetic qualities of the energy to balance the meridians within the body and to provide a stable equilibrium between the ethereal nervous system and the physical nervous system. It has been said to attract “kind love”.

Hematite helps for smooth grounding and bringing tranquility and emotional clarity. It can be used in the treatment of leg cramps, blood disorders (anemia), nervous disorders, and insomnia.

Astrological Sign: Aries & Aquarius

Vibrates to No. 9. Chakra: Root

African Turquoise Properties

tumblestone african turquoise

African Turquoise

African Turquoise is not turquoise at all. It is a type of jasper found in Africa and is often dyed to achieve a turquoise-like color. Enhancing its role as a turquoise substitute is its matrix, which also resembles turquoise matrix.

The Stone of Evolution, brings encouragement for growth, development and positive change within life itself.

African turquoise opens the mind to new ideas, new possibilities and new existence. It is a stone that brings structure, balance and prosperity where it is due.

African turquoise awakens old DNA patterns to improve the new. African Turquoise is a stone that hands over a key to new life with its offerings.

This is a stone that awakens the soul to its intended purpose, encouraging the being to make positive impression while gaining and giving positive wisdom.

African Turquoise incorporates positive change where it is needed, it encourages the being to use the gift of knowledge already left by others over time to help this change become a part of the past, the present and of the future – of the All.

African turquoise can be charged or imprinted with wisdom and code. It will hold this for the intended time or for the intended soul for as long as is needed. It is a stone of sworn secrecy and sworn protection, and for this reason, can be used as an amulet, talisman or marker.

African Turquoise can help to tame the “wild” soul, it helps the being to find and determine a suitable path for the present time until a clearer state of mind, body and spirit develops.

This stone aids healing from depression, it helps he being o climb out of “black holes” while allowing space for thought on new steps to take to develop a better, more positive outlook on life.

“Developing and improving oneself, is helping in the developing and improving of All”

African Turquoise resonates especially well with the Third eye energy centre. It helps stimulate, strengthen and clear this centre while allowing for growth.

African turquoise help ease mood swings, encourage acceptance and sooth feelings of emotional aggravation. Also a stone to help lesson the affects of joint discomfort while to helping bring lubrication within the joints and improved flexibility overall. Alongside this, African Turquoise is beneficial to kidney function and aids digestion.

Picasso Jasper Properties

thumbstone jasper picasso

picasso jasper

Picasso Jasper is also known as Picasso Marble or Picasso Stone.

All Jaspers are extremely nurturing stones, sustaining and supporting, during times of stress and bringing feelings of peace and ‘wholeness’. They are also said to facilitate dream recall and to provide protection. 

In addition Picasso Jasper is said to help to remind us to celebrate life and to help us to realise that it is not too late to enjoy ourselves and to ‘live a little’. 

Picasso Jasper is also believed to promote the development of creativity and to bring strength and self-discipline.

It is thought to bring calm to difficult situations and to encourage us to relax and enjoy life.